The team behind Lufinha Yacht Charter

We are a team of open minded and active Portuguese, extremely focused in making things happen and provide the best service to our guests.

Manager & Skipper

Francisco makes sure that everything runs smoothly, develops new programs and is always searching for the ideal spot to visit with a boat.
He is also a skipper for our guests from time to time.

Strategy & organization

Margarida focuses in the long term and draws the goals for each department. She keeps the standards of our charter offer and customer satisfaction very high, assuring the future of the company.




Yacht charter is now the main activity of Lufinha, but we operate in other areas as well, namely: Extreme Kitesurf crossings (already with a Guinness World Record);
Ocean sustainability talks to schools in Portugal (+13.000 students reached so far);
Organizing water sports events;
Inspirational story telling for Corporate events;
Documentaries and outdoor activities video stories.

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